The Seeburg corporations

In 1902 Justus P. Seeburg (immigrated from Sweden in 1887) founded the company “Justus P. Seeburg” which manufactured automated pianos. In 1927 Seeburg introduced the first jukebox, the “Melotone.” The company in the 1930s passed to his son Noel who reorganized it to compete with the other rising giants, Wurlitzer and Rock-Ola. The turning point came in 1949 when Seeburg designed the first mechanism capable of reading both sides of 50 discs. In 1950 the Model 100B was born, the first jukebox to play 45 rpm records. In 1955, however, the V200 model was born, which was the first jukebox with the maximum capacity of 100 discs.

Famous for the Happy Days theme song!

Fonzie’s fist jukebox!

The harlequin!

Sound in all directions!

The first 100 disc Seeburg with incredible sound!

The clear Cadillac inspiration

The baby of the family

Here comes stereophony

Continued evolution

The last mechanical on sight