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Complete and accurate restorations.
Knowledge, experience, technique and attention to detail.

Our specialist workshop is always available to meet any request.



A complete and thorough restoration always starts with the structural parts. In the case of span pinball machines and jukeboxes, the wood must be repaired and often treated to strengthen it. It is then painted inside and outside if the original has been painted, otherwise a new coating is applied. In the case of Coca-Cola machines or petrol pumps, the metal is completely sandblasted and painted in a special oven.



The metal parts are mostly plated with new chrome, although some can be brushed and polished (only if the original requires this).



Parts usually subject to wear and tear (glass, plastic, paper covers, etc.) are replaced with new parts made in the USA to perfectly match the original colour and material.



All structural parts, as well as mechanical and electrical parts, are thoroughly cleaned and overhauled. In the specific case of the jukebox, the overhaul of the amplification system involves replacing the capacitors and testing the valves. Every refurbished jukebox becomes brand new, without any alteration to the sound characteristics and power.



Delivery is made by one of our trucks to your address to ensure that the device is delivered perfectly intact. One of our experts will install your machine and show you how to use it. A guarantee is provided on the originality and functionality of the device. We pay special attention to after-sales service, and are always ready to provide any clarification or answer your questions.

My passion, my job.

My passion started many years ago when, as a teenager, my father bought me my first jukebox. I remember it well: a Seeburg Bandshell, from the 1970s, with a retractable mechanism.

I opted for this model mainly because of its reasonable price.
But my dream was to one day own an AMI Continental, which I was sure was the best imaginable.

So I started doing odd jobs and saving my wages until I was finally able to buy my first AMI Continental 1.

My enthusiasm grew to the point where I decided that my passion would become my job! I founded Jukebox Lanfredi, initially only for jukebox restoration. Over the years, I became interested in other American products of the past such as pinball machines, petrol pumps and Coca-Cola machines. I got to know the most important American and European antique dealers and was thus able to import new, increasingly rare items.