Complete, perfect restoration.

A complete, in-depth restoration always starts from the structural parts.
In the case of pinball machines and jukeboxes, the wood has to be repaired and often treated to strengthen it. Later it is painted on the inside and outside if the original was painted, otherwise a new coating is applied.
In the case of Coke machines or gasoline pumps, the metal is completely sandblasted and painted in a special furnace.


Metallic parts are mostly plated with new chrome, though some may be brushed and polished (only if the original calls for it).


The parts usually subject to wear (glass, plastic, paper covers, etc.) are replaced with new parts made in U.S.A. for a perfect match of the original color and material.


All the structural parts, as well as the mechanical and electrical parts, are thoroughly cleaned and overhauled. In the specific case of the jukebox, the overhaul of the amplification system includes replacement of the condensers and tests of the valves. Every restored jukebox must return like brand new, without any alternation of the characteristic and power of the sound.


Delivery is made with one of our trucks to your address, so as to ensure that the device is supplied perfectly intact. Our expert will install your machine and show you how to use it.
A guarantee is made on the originality and functionality of the device. We devote special attention to after-sales service, and are always ready to provide any clarification or answer your questions.

I’m at your disposal for any information.