Automatic musical instruments co.
Founded in 1909 in Gran Rapids, Michigan.
In 1927 it produced the first jukebox, which played both sides of ten 78 rpm records. This type of mechanism was used for many years. These first products were characterized by large cases in plastic, often garishly colored. In the Fifties, several licenses were sold to other countries, such as Italy (Microtecnica). In 1956 the production was revolutionized with the invention of a mechanism that used a rotating basket capable of playing 100 records on both sides. Later, in 1959 AMI was acquired by another American company that merged it with Rowe. After that the products were labeled Rowe-AMI.
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Rudolph Wurlitzer Company
Rudolph Wurlitzer, born in 1829 in Schilbach, Saxonia, belonged to a family that had produced musical instruments since the 17th century.
In 1853 Rudolph Wurlitzer emigrated to the U.S. and founded the “Rudolph Wurlitzer Company” in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1856. After importing musical instruments from Germany, in 1880 he began to produce pianos. In 1933 Farny Wurlitzer, his son and heir, acquired the patents and the same year produced the first prototype jukebox, the “Debutant”. The company was moved to North Tonawanda, in New York. After being designed in wood, as was typical in the Thirties, parts in colored plastic and cylinders with bubbles were added. The most successful models up to the Wurlitzer 1100 were designed by the industrial designer Paul Fuller. At that time, Wurlitzer experienced a boom and one of its most famous models, the 1015 was born, becoming for many years the icon of the jukebox.
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The Seeburg corporations
In 1902 Justus P. Seeburg (who immigrated from Sweden in 1887) founded “Justus P. Seeburg” to produce automated pianos. In 1927 Seeburg presented the first jukebox, the “Melotone”. The company passed in the Thirties to his son Noel, who reorganized it so as to compete with the other growing giants, Wurlitzer and Rock-Ola. The turning point came in 1949 when Seeburg designed the first mechanism capable of playing both sides of 50 records.
In 1950 the model 100B was developed, and was the first jukebox to play 45 rpm records.
In 1955 the model V200 came out, and was the first jukebox with a maximum capacity of 100 records.
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Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporations
Rock-Ola was founded by David Cullen Rockola in 1927. Originally, the company produced pinball machines and slot machines. Later, in the mid-Thirties, it started producing jukeboxes. The head office of Rock-Ola was in Chicago, Ill. But they also had production plants in other countries, like Mexico, Venezuela and Australia. Rock-Ola has always been the main competitor of Wurlitzer. Over the years there were many lawsuits between the companies, charging each other with patent theft.
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